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About US


HY Japan is an auto parts shop headquartered in Hyōgo prefecture, which is near the center of Japan. We also have branch offices in Portland, Oregon, and Dallas, Texas, and in Singapore.

So, what makes HY Japan a leader in the used car parts business?


HY Japan was born 15 years ago, supply used cars and car parts locally. Since then, our company has grown exponentially, and today, we service customers from more than 10 countries across the world, supplying them with used cars, car parts and engines from Japan.

Team of Professionals

We know how important cars are to our daily lives, and so we have a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you don’t have to wait to get that specific car part you need urgently.

HY Japan is made up of a team of professionals who can dismantle cars perfectly according to your desires. So, whether you’re looking for used engines or used auto parts from Japan, our team can take care of your request.


Global Approach and Multi-Lingual

We have made it our life’s mission to supply our customers with only the best-used cars and vehicles – no matter where in the world they are.

So, to ensure that our customers are served to the best of our ability, our team of professionals are multi-lingual. We speak Russian, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic – besides our native Japanese!


We ensure that all the cars we source are from accredited dealers, local individuals, and car auctions. We personally carry out quality checks of each car we source to ensure that they are in good condition.

We also ensure that the parts we sell are in perfect working condition – which is why we give a 100% working guarantee for all our parts.

There are so many times when you go to auto parts dealers and you are told that they don’t have the auto parts you are looking for, or that you will need to wait for weeks – even months – before you will get that part.

So, do you wait for that part and let your life be derailed? Or do you wish to do something about it right now?

End-to-End Service

Shipping used car parts to different parts of the world is also why we have become leaders in the industry. We know how difficult it can be for our customers to import these items and so we take care of it for you.

From the time that you select the item or items you need, till the time it is delivered to your doorstep, we take care of everything for you.

Visit Us in Japan!

HY Japan works in places four yards:

Offices: It was built on 1,500 square meters of land, we use it for auction office, recycling paperwork office, and as the employees parking lot and others.

Dismantling and cutting yard (2000 square meters).

Here, we dismantle and cut all the incoming cars according to the customer's request and prepare it for loading in the containers or sending it to the storage yard.


The engines yard (2500 square meters )

here we keep all the used engines removed from working cars and the used engines we collected from other companies.

Parking yard (4000 square meters)

here we keep and register all the cars that we buy from auctions and other Japanese companies in order to prepare it for sending to the Disassembly yard.

Spare part storage

here we keep all the parts that have been removed from the disassembled cars in order to register it and sell it in domestic markets or in global markets.

We know that there are connoisseurs who want to see the cars or the car parts for themselves. So, we welcome all our customers to visit our store in Japan so that you can get the part or car you want – straight from the source.

We welcome all!

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